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U of M Steam Distribution System Upgrades

This project consists of excavation of over 135,000 cubic yards of material and building 1,000 feet of concrete box tunnels, connecting to existing tunnels and buildings.  Some work in existing tunnels required asbestos abatement and testing as part of the contract.  Large excavation was necessary to meet OSHA standards and required large amounts of existing landscape and roadways removal and replacement.  It was a contract requirement to restore each section of tunnel as it was completed.  As the tunnels were backfilled landscape, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streets and irrigation were restored to look like the tunnels were originally below the surface.

DCI was asked to install an additional tunnel, not part of the original scope of work.  This tunnel had to be completed in two months before the Homecoming football game.  DCI brought additional assets to complete the work within the aggressive schedule.  Along with the site and tunnel work DCI lead and coordinated all trades on the project, including the steam pipe installation that required extensive certified pipe welding and insulation requirements.

Phase 1 & Phase 2
Missoula, Montana May 2007
June 2011