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Rosetta Assisted Living

This Design/Build Guaranteed Maximum price project consisted of two equal sized single level residential style buildings for the purpose of assisted living.  This project’s construction was phased to coincide with the clients pre-existing leases.  A two month lag separated the building construction, for financing purposes and lease end dates.  Likewise the project had two critical completion dates.  The first completion date for Building One was in February on 2010 and the second following in April of 2010.  We successfully met both dates on time.  

A major obstacle for this project was the extremely tight site parameter for the utilities coming into the site.  There was also very little staging area for materials.  A majority of this construction was completed during inclement weather.  DCI crews worked doubles as work was completed concurrently for both buildings.   

Assisted Living Facility
Helena, Montana 15,400 sq.ft.
Design/ Build
August 2009
April 2010 Photos © John Reddy