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Veteran’s Administration
Tenant Build to Lease
Helena, Montana 9,820 sq.ft.
Design/ Build
April 2009
September 2009

The construction for this building consisted of seismic structural re-support for the shell of an existing metal building.  The building was remodeled from a warehouse to office space for seventy-five employees.  A ceiling system with mezzanine was created to house all the HVAC necessary to support the new office space.  Windows were cut into the existing metal building and new entries were constructed to provide private entry for the new facility.  Attention to detail was required for sound, heating/cooling and security.  Natural lighting was a must for this client, and a considerable amount of attention was given to this item.  Parking was also critical for this client and a secured parking area was created for their use.  This project was completed on time and within budget constraints.